-Mr. 3p (Truckstop76th)
>SATURDAY 02/08/2014 >MAIN STAGE > 03:45-05:00

His carrier started inside the movement of the legendary Roman illegal raves of the 90's, where he participated as a dj and organizer, giving life to the Ostia Rioters crew and to a lucky epic rave partys known by the name of Plastik. After attending to some episodes of DIY project called 'Audioresistance', in 2002 with NRN he began the experience with Truckstop76th: label that publishes Max Durante, Stealther, Deka, Daniel Zandry and Valerio Maina, Snuff Crew, The model, Franz & Shape, Iceone etc. .. A new musical chapter that stands out immediately for a sound that blends acid techno to electro dark atmosphere regardless of their passing trends, making much attentions. In the last five years, as well played by the name of dj Mr.3p and live as Seventysix. Attended the artistic direction of Electrode festival that takes place every summer in the frame of Forte Prenestino and over the years become one of the best events in Rome, with a lot of attention across the European electronic scene.

Over the years he shared the stage with several international artists the likes of Anthony Rother, Arnaud Rebotini, Vitalic, Addictive TV, Extrawelt, Acid Junkies, Dexter, Beardyman, Dalek, ZU, Intherference IF, Snuff Crew, Motor, The Model, Zombie Nation, Laura Grabb, Muzik, Somatic Responses, ... and also with big names such Italian Lory D., Marco Passarani, Paolo zerla Zerletti, Andrea Benedetti, Leo Anibaldi and of course Max Durante. Last two years works for a new project with ICEONE call 'BLOODY WALKERS' ..two dead men spinning on the turnables, electronic music from the hell, a little bit of hard have a mask on the face to not scare you .

176% Fresh like the Future !!!