-LEO ANIBALDI (Rephlex / Cannibald )
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Leo was born in 1972 and at the age of 15 discovered his passion for electronic music.

Thanks to the advent of the first computers like Commodore Vic 20 and 64, he began to create his first loops. After one year Leo started to play in Rome outskint’s clubs under the pseudonym Dj Mc, when was impossibile to find in Rome any trace of electronic beat.

He became a big analogue synths collector and decided to spend his daily life into the creation of beats and sound research.
In 1990 his recordings career stared at ACV records where he will make more then 20 seminal albums like Attack Random, Riders of the future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon.
In 1991 Leo met Lory D and in a small garage located in the north of Rome they started the alternative music movement universally known as The Sound of Rome, who spreaded Techno music in Rome and all over Italy.
In those years Leo concentrated in bringing his analogue Live set around the world as he played in the best techno parties like one of the first Love Parade edition in Berlin.
In 1995 Leo decided to cut the relation with Acv records and moved to Rephlex, label of his friend Aphex Twin where he will make the Album Void.
The end of the century saw Leo running the the illegal rave scene in Rome at Fintek, pushing his sounds further new limits until time for a break arrived with fast sound and restless lifestyle.
Time to set up a new studio and a succesfull series of gigs in Rome (including a liveset back to back with Aphex Twin at Brancaleone or the ones with Dave clark & Speedy J…), just enouff time to recup with the techno scene & in 2005 Leo recorded his first single for a new project: Cannibald Records.
Along with fellow musicians and friends, the label is now up and running since 2008