-KATSU ARAI ( The Zone Rec. /Plus Rec. - JP )
>SATURDAY 02/08/2014 >MAIN STAGE > 23:30-24:30

He was influenced by Josh Wink and started to play Techno in late 1990.
He outputs his experience that he has played at varied parties by playing the tracks which the crowds want the most at the very moment.
In 2008, he started one of the famous Tokyo label PLUS RECORDS label show case party Plus Utsunomiya with Shin Nishimura to make Techno scene bigger there. In 2009, he opened a new club, SOUND A BASE NEST with the owner Tetsuya Yoshida. That created new club scene in Utsunomiya again.
In 2010, he played in Shanghai for his fist DJ in overseas. The same year he had his Europe tour. in 2013 he played one of the big festival in Germany "Nature one" His name is glow up.