-DJ KILFA ( No Sense of Place)
>SATURDAY 02/08/2014 >2ND STAGE> 16:00-17:00 

Deejay Kilfa overlooking the electronic music scene in the mid-'90s, influenced by Detroit Techno and expecially by artists such as Robert Armani.
He lives active golden years of underground rave movement, collaborating on multiple parties at national and European level.
Countless artists with whom he shared the stage in his 12 years in bussiness, Alex Mind, AutoErotique, Belzebass, Crystal Distortion, Dilemn, Electrobugz, Fukkk Offf, GarenTersakyan, Invasian Krew Killah, Lenny Dee, Maelstrom, Pelussje, Maztek, Mik Izif, Mr.Tools, Noisebuilder, Peyo, Traxx Dillaz, Un:Code, Vegamoore and Vitalic to name a few.
In 2007 he founded the independent label "No Sense Of Place", a true melting pot of artists in progress, whose releases are available digitally from the best stores in January 2011.

Care of the artistic direction of Node Fest until April 2010 and from March 2011 she married the project MustHard, leading to Rome international artists such as Ikki, LeCastle Vania, The Rogue Element, Utku S. and Zedd.