FFF 2013


9 / 10 / 11 agosto 2013 - TURANIA

FRY 9/08/2013:
>> GRANT (rephlex)- uk
>>D'ARCANGELO (rephlex)- it/uk
>> FIRE AT WORK (stirpe999/idroscalo)-it
>> BUZZGOREE (mixworx/underground resistancemixworx)- u.s.a
>> LEO ANIBALDI (rephlex/cannibald)- it
>> MEZE (stirpe999/hidden hawaii/load project)- it
>> ORREE (stirpe999)- it
>>  MEGATTERA opening

SAT 10/08/2013:

>> CRYSTAL DISTORTION (network23/expressillon)- uk
(relish recordings /bang gang12s /truckstop76)- it
>> THE MODEL (gigolò records/snuff crew)- ro
>> KATSU ARAI (plus records/the zone rec)- japan
>> ICE ONE (truckstop76th)- it
>> Mr.3p (truckstop76th)- it
>> SUPERMAN (pocket panther)- it
>> MUTTLEY (cromedrop family)- it
>>MASTERINFREEMUSIK (cromedrop family)- it
>> Miss LOONY (missantropeakpj)- it
>> LIUS (the zone rec)- it
>> DJ KILFA (no sense of place)- it
>> MASKK (kernel panik)- it

SUN 11/08/2013:

>> INICOLABUG (stirpe999/sincro netlabel/catalogue of wonders/section27/acre-recordings)-it
>> NHB (audio elite/amazing records/play records)-uk
>> DANY ANGELELLI (submoover/luminar/trivmvirate)- it
>> NOISEVIDEO (the zone rec)- it
>> MORZEV (stirpe999)- it
>>PNEICH (artelligent/transmission)- it 
>> KONIK POLNY (jopRec/suspect device rec)-de



>>GRANT (rephlex)-uk / >>D'ARCANGELO(rephlex)- it/uk / >>BUZZGOREE (underground resistance)- u.s.a / >>FIRE AT WORK (stirpe999/idroscalo)-it / >>LEO ANIBALDI (rephlex / cannibald )- it / >>MEZE (stirpe999/hidden hawaii/load project)- it / >>ORREE (stirpe999)- it  / >>MEGATTERA opening 
>>visual: Pinkman STUDIO

Dj Rephlex , aka Grant Wilson-Claridge, celebre discografico inglese, fonda nel 1991con l’amico Richard David James (Aphex Twin) la label Rephlex, di cui è anche comproprietario.
L’etichetta, incoronata da NME come la più cool del mondo, nasce inizialmente per promuovere l'innovativa acid house. Successivamente si evolve lanciando un nuovo particolarissimo suono chiamato Braindance: musica elettronica capace di coinvolgere sia il “cervello”, con le sue capacità intellettive, sia il desiderio di muoversi e ballare.
Nel corso degli ultimi vent’anni, Grant segue le produzioni dei migliori artisti entrando con Rephlex Records a far parte della storia della musica contemporanea. Per citarne solo alcuni : Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, The Bug, Ceephax Acid Crew.
Come dj incomincia a muoversi nel1989 in un club di Newquay, lungo la costa della Cornovaglia, chiamato Bowgie, dopo di che centellina le sue apparizioni in serate club europee, esclusivi eventi al fianco di Aphex Twin e in deliranti party alla Bang face


Gemelli, romani, capiscuola dell’elettronica made in Italy (ma prodotta soprattutto all’estero) sono il duo italiano tra i più conosciuti della scena IDM. Nati musicalmente nel 1992 muovono i primi passi nella scena Hard Techno con la Hot Trax, una sub label della ACV che negli anni novanta ha dato voce a personaggi quali Robert Armani e Leo Anibaldi. Seguono diverse releases con pseudomini diversi per progetti piu’ melodici quali Automia Division e il progetto piu’ hard industriale Centuria City.Il primo album nasce sotto l’etichetta Disturbance della Minus Habens, e il progetto Monomorph ottiene un buon successo di critica sopratutto all’estero. Nel 1996 l’esordio sull’ etichetta inglese Rephlex di propieta’ dell’icona in assoluto di questa scena musicale Aphex Twin e Grant Wilson Claridge.Segue una ininterrotta serie di collaborazioni e la nascita nel 1996 a Londra della etichetta Techno Molecular Recordings in collaborazione con il DJ Marco Lenzi e il progetto Intermolecular Forces. Da allora i fratelli D’Arcangelo hanno sviluppato sonorita’ in puro stile braindance per etichette quali Nature Records, 030303 records, Dub,Disko B, Rephlex, Manga Entertainment, Suction e tante altre.


Experimental/electronic music combo, founded in Rome on 1999 by Fabrizio Rossi and Fabio Recchia.
The first step was a 12" released on 2001 on IDROSCALO DIGITALE (an audio/video production powered by Anna Bolena,wich includes also tracks by:VENETIAN SNARES, M.PASSARANI, D'ARCANGELO and others) Releases soon followed on other labels (Cavage, Scene Missing, Synapsivinile, Chairwarmer, Bias Japan) in collaboration with other important musicians such as SOMATIC RESPONSES, MRC.RIDDIMS( ex DALEK ). On 2003 FIRE AT WORK started his label: STIRPE999. Since 2000 FIRE AT WORK manage an audio/video production studio in Rome, inside BRANCALEONE CLUB, wich is an important meeting point for the enternational underground scene in Rome
FIRE AT WORK toured in France(2003/2008); UK (2002/2004/2009); Germany (2007/2008/2009/2012); Belgium (2005/2008/2013); Austria (2006), Ceck Rep.(2006); Japan (2007/2008); Colombia (2008/2009); Mexico(2009) USA (2011). In Rome we performed important festival such as :Electrode,Provocazioni,Exp.on Fest. Since 2001 powering an electronic/acoustic trio called "EXTREME CHILLOUT" and toured with this project in Germany (Italian Culture Fest of Hannover 2009) and in Israel (International Electronic/Jazz Festival of Tel Aviv 2005).

Leo was born in 1972 and at the age of 15 discovered his passion for electronic music.
Thanks to the advent of the first computers like Commodore Vic 20 and 64, he began to create his first loops. After one year Leo started to play in Rome outskint’s clubs under the pseudonym Dj Mc, when was impossibile to find in Rome any trace of electronic beat.
He became a big analogue synths collector and decided to spend his daily life into the creation of beats and sound research.
In 1990 his recordings career stared at ACV records where he will make more then 20 seminal albums like Attack Random, Riders of the future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon.
In 1991 Leo met Lory D and in a small garage located in the north of Rome they started the alternative music movement universally known as The Sound of Rome, who spreaded Techno music in Rome and all over Italy.
In those years Leo concentrated in bringing his analogue Live set around the world as he played in the best techno parties like one of the first Love Parade edition in Berlin.
In 1995 Leo decided to cut the relation with Acv records and moved to Rephlex, label of his friend Aphex Twin where he will make the Album Void.
The end of the century saw Leo running the the illegal rave scene in Rome at Fintek, pushing his sounds further new limits until time for a break arrived with fast sound and restless lifestyle.
Time to set up a new studio and a succesfull series of gigs in Rome (including a liveset back to back with Aphex Twin at Brancaleone or the ones with Dave clark & Speedy J…), just enouff time to recup with the techno scene & in 2005 Leo recorded his first single for a new project: Cannibald Records.
Along with fellow musicians and friends, the label is now up and running since 2008 


Buzz Goree started his DJ career at an early age in Detroit playing disco music. At the age of 15 he made guest-appearances at various Detroit clubs. 
In 1982 Buzz Goree teamed up with a DJ crew called “AudioMix” which was one of Detroit’s dominating DJ teams. 
In 1993 Buzz Goree started his label Night Groove Records releasing and producing under such names as House Squad, The and Blowed Pimps, The. He was executive producer to Paula McPheirson's track “Lift me up” and the "Groove Tracks Vol 1" release featuring Burt Collins (2). 
Soon after, he met Mike Banks and worked along with him on the Happy Records label. He was co-producer, along with D-HA on many "Happy Records" releases throughout the 90′s which including tracks such as "Work Me". 
In 1993 Buzz Goree teamed up with Underground Resistance releasing the Z-tracks and "The Swarm" under the pseudonym Remote (5) together with Mike Banks. In 2005 he produced the “UR Battlepak Vol. 1" for UR. 
Since his beginnings in Detroit Buzz Goree has made DJ appearances in clubs all over the world



Meze was born between London and North Africa. His sound is been around for long time now always with different pseudo-names. Has worked as active part of the Bradfod Bahamas collective.Crackling sounds, distorted beats, foot-working music, this is how we can define his sound. Inspired by the ghosts of Africans rhythms, Meze is an obscure identity in constant travel. Crackling, rolling, sounds of breathtaking humidity.
Recent release:
HHD SUB 002 / MEZE -- (p) & (c) Hidden Hawaii 2012 Distributed by Hardwax & Honest Jon's
CD004 STIRPE999 // Various Artist -- INDEX4




Focused on the interplay between folk, dub, techno,electronica, garage and more in general bass music, sets by Orree are constantly evolving with new technical approach and fresh records, recently played at gigs featuring sounds by Ena, Mickey Pearce, AnD, Zed Bias, GirlUnit and most of the strictly underground music scene in Rome.  Not released yet, exceptionall into two V/A compilations by Stirpe999 first, and Nucleoroto, Orree's stuff sounds like soundsystem music and club music standards, in a clash.




is a project consisting of two elements, which mixes in its various contaminations, expressed through a singular attitude for electronics and the use of sequencers and synthesizers. Matteo (Drum machine, sequencer & samples) Gianni (Synth, sequencer & samples) MEGATTERA Project born in August 2010 from the alternation of three musicians Matteo (guitar), Gianni (guitar) and Michele (bass). After an initial period focused on acoustic improvisations, the three decide to extend their formation by introducing a fourth element, Cristiano (drums). The compositions of the trio backed by the rhythm section of the new component, acquire a sound haunting and melancholy reminiscent of bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and This will destroy you. At the same time the two guitarists develop an electronic project from industrial dark colors, to be offered in parallel with the ideas of the whole quartet. From this set of experiences, there is definitively brought the MEGATTERA  project. In the 'summer of 2011 the two recorded and self produced their first job with the same title that contains his 8-track orientations between the minimalism of post-rock and modern sounds' electronic equipment. In the winter of 2013, after a year and a half livesets, who saw the trio perform at major local Roman underground music and various festivals such Provocazioni,Frammenti and lpm, megattera decide to end the collaboration with the visual Christiano and re-enter the studio to record new material. Through collaboration with producer and musician fabio recchia takes shape "La Testa del Re" disc consists of 6 tracks of experimental electronic.


                                                                       >>  PINKMAN STUDIO visual

Lo studio realizza ambienti interattivi, percorsi museali, performance audio video ed interventi artistici, esprimendosi attraverso il web, le istallazioni video sound reactive, le animazioni 3d e le nuove tecnologie come Processing ed Arduino.Pinkman Studio ha partecipato al: Roma Europa Festival, Cortoons Festival, Dissonanze, Circoloco e collaborato con Seth Troxler, Jeff Mills, Trentemoller e tanti altri artisti della scena italiana ed internazionale.



>>CRYSTAL DISTORTION (network23/expressillon)-uk / >>FRANZ & SHAPE (relish recordings/bang gang12/truckstop76)- it / >>THE MODEL (gicolò records/snuff crew)- ro / >>KATSU ARAI (plus records/the zone rec)- japan / >>ICE ONE (truckstop76)- it / >>Mr.3P (truckstop76)- it / >>SUPERMAN (pocket panther)- it / >>MUTTLEY (cromedrop family)- it / >>MASTERINFREEMUZIK(cromedrop family)- it / >>MISS LOONY(missantropeakpj)-it / >>LIUS (the zone)- it / >>DJ KILFA(no sense of place)- it / >>MASKK(kernel panik)- it / >>REALROCKDESIGN visual

Crystal Distortion is about change: A human ‘by product’ of electronic culture - born in London - he saw fit to re-align virtuous components of modern dance e.g. the rhythms of hip hop, breaks, techno etc, with neo- apocalyptic visions as portrayed in such cult milestones as ‘Akira’, ‘2000 AD’, ‘Tetsuo’, and more recently, the story of the ‘Matrix’. The result is a form of musical expression treading on the tightrope between sonic excess and universal love. The next years were spent sowing the seeds for a better musical future for all our children. The year 2000 saw a debut appearance at France’s largest electronic music events and a first step into chain store distribution with new partner Expressillon. He’s now delivering his kick-ass, genre busting and jaw droopingly unique brand of techno and break beat to audiences across Europe, both at free events and major festivals or techno clubs, like Nuits Sonores, Sunexplosion, Astropolis, Dour, Electromind. The Triptyque, The Livello, The Electrowerkz,The Mass, The Love Parade and more than 15 countries  visited.



Franz & Shape is an Italian electronic dance music project formed by Francesco Maria Spazzoli along with Cristian Camporesi. Their live performances are insane affairs characterised by hard beats, acidic basslines and driving synths that rock dancefloors all over the world.
Since they released their first track, the truly amazing "Countach" on Headman’s Relish Recordings as part of the "Italian EP" in 2005, they have rapidly gone on to become one of the hottest production teams in current electro music. 2006/ 2007 saw a plethora of releases such as the much lauded "Destination/ Location EP", "Maximum Joy" featuring Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement), their debut album "ACCELERATION" (complete with guest appearances from Chelonis R. Jones, David Carretta, Perspects) and the acclaimed "The Man Who Paid Before" co-produced with fabulous italo disco pioneers N.O.I.A. 2008/ 2010 - After the "Franz & Shape Remixed" came both the remix of "Deflection" on Tiga's planet Turbo, the stunning "20 Volts of Steel" for Motor on Novamute and the 12" single "Eyes Like Knives/ Forgotten Days" feat. American band Kill Memory Crash. It's safe to say that their talent keeps on growing with every release and we can only tag along for the ride as they take us futher into the dark recesses of their techno pop addled minds




There’s no need to write long, laborious introductions about The Model. He’s progressed way beyond this. I suspect you don’t need me to tell you about the string of successful releases under his belt for some of the world’s hottest labels. I suspect you don’t need to know about how he’s been devoting himself to his production over the past few years – because the proof is out there. The Model doesn’t just have his own sound – he’s crafting out his own genre: Dark Techno Baroque. It’s a suitably intriguing title for one of the most intriguing personalities in the business. Why Dark Techno Baroque? Dark cause it's dark; Techno cause it is techno; Baroque because it’s vital, alive, huge and highly decorated. With his aristocratic mannerisms and his passion for high fashion and low fetish, it also happens to pretty succinctly sum up part of his unique personality. Set against a backdrop of refined charm, there’s an underbelly of something dark and brutal that runs through everything he does. Put it this way: The Model ain’t for chilling. As anyone who’s seen him DJ will certainly attest… The Model is as known for his performances as he is for his productions. Your average DJ, he certainly isn’t. Don’t expect him to show up with a box of records wearing a baggy tee-shirt: The Model is a showman. He takes the art of DJing and takes it somewhere else completely. Because DJing is about show. He’s aware of the need to satisfy an audience – never to self-indulgent, never too deep, always leaving people begging for more. Like his own tracks, he manages to strike the perfect balance between pushing people that bit further and giving them what they know they want. Having come up from nowhere in a very short space of time, this is the sound for people who know what they want and who know where they’re going. The sound for people who aren’t afraid to do something different. The sound for people who lead. Because that’s what the model does best. Trust me, it looks like he’ll be doing it for some time to come…

He was influenced by Josh Wink and started to play Techno in late 1990.
He outputs his experience that he has played at varied parties by playing the tracks which the crowds want the most at the very moment.
Later he moved back to his hometown, Utsunomiya-city and opened BIRDLAND which gets over 200 people on weekends made huge influence in Utsunomiya club scene.In 2008, he started Plus Utsunomiya with Shin Nishimura to make Techno scene bigger there. In 2009, he opened a new club, with the owner of Sound A Base NEST, Tetsuya Yoshida. That created new club scene in Utsunomiya again.
In 2011, he played in Shaghai for his fist DJ in overseas. The same year he had his Europe tour and played in London and Malta which made his first step into the world scene. In 2012 second euro tour and played Austria and Germany. And he release his own first track “invation” from PLUS RECORDS. In 2013 He will played big Fes Nature one in Germany He will big step in to Euro.


… Nasce a Torino e il suoi principali mezzi espressivi, fin dall’ infanzia, sono la Musica, il Ritmo e il Rumore…la sua attività di dj inizia nell’ 82 a soli quindici anni.. e già nell’ 83 incomincia a far risuonare il suo nome in tutta italia, come pioniere di serate solo hip hop o electrofunk.. Le sue produzioni e le sue selezioni musicali spaziano dall’ Hip Hop classico a quello sperimentale, e passano dalla Dubstep all’ Electro , dal Break Beat al Tech-Rock, dal Funk al Rare Groove in un Trip di sonorità sempre evocative tendenti al Dark e all’oscurità…Uno dei suoi Dj Set più famosi è “Iceone vs Dj Sensei – The Beat Traveller”. La caratteristica principale di questo oramai decennale dj set, in continua evoluzione, è quella di partire dagli 80 bpm fino ad arrivare ai 160bpm in un mix di generi il cui comune denominatore è la potenza dei ritmi e dei suoni, Afrika Bambaataa in un intervista dice di lui “ Iceone non ha seguito l’onda della nascita dell’ Hip Hop… ma ha contribuito a formarla, per cui non posso che considerarlo uno dei padri di questa cultura… Lui c’era dai primi giorni…” Ha collaborato in varie forme (remix, produzioni, coproduzioni e concerti etc.) con i seguenti artisti : Fingernailz ("Father Ralph Iceone remix", "Frankenstein Food Iceone Remix"), Brotherhood Of Atlach Nacha ( "Broterhood Of Atlach Nacha I" Produzione Album"), Fluydo (Produzioni, Coproduzioni e Remixes), Almamegretta ("Gramigna" Iceone & Dj Stile Remix), Lady Coco ( "Alicia Keys - You don't know my name - Lady Coco & Ice One Classic Remix" , "John Legend - Rolling In The Deep - Iceone & Lady Coco Black Cat Remix"), Frankie Hi Nrg ("Quelli che Benpensano", "Autodafè", " Cali Di Tensione", "Il Beat Come Anestetico", Produzione Musicale in collaborazione con Julie P - "Quelli Che Benpensano Iceone Remix", "Autodafè Iceone Remix"), Colle der Fomento ( "Odio Pieno LP", "Scienza Doppia H Lp" Produzione Albums e Singoli con la Collaborazione di Julie P), Otto Ohm ("Crepuscolaria Iceone remix", "Telekomando Iceone Remix"), Niccolo Fabi ("Immobile" Produzione Singolo Con Julie P e Riccardo Sinigallia), SoulStruggle, Tiromancino ("Strade" Scratch - "Muovo Le Ali Di Nuovo" Coprodotto con Riccardo Sinigallia, Ice-T ( Apertura Concerto ), Afrika Bambaataa ( Apertura Vari Concerti), Public Enemy (Apertura Concerto), Biz Markie (Eventi Nike), La Comitiva (Coprodotto con Riccardo Sinigallia, Dj Stile, David Nerattini e Francesco Zampaglione), Riccardo Sinigallia ( Coproduzione in Molti suoi Lavori), Malaisa ( "Metamorfosi Di Liriche " Produzione Album e Singoli) , 99Posse ("Quello Che" Rome Zoo Dj's Remix insieme a Dj Stile), Assalti Frontali ("Banditi" Produzione Album e singoli - "In Movimento" Iceone Remix, "Verso La Grande Mareggiata" Iceone remix ), Luca Cucchetti ("Mad Dj's Band - The Album" Album e Singoli coprodotti con Luca Cucchetti, Massimo Berardi e Stefano Di Carlo), Dr Felix ("Dr Felix - Party Time remix " Coprodotto Insieme a Luca Cucchetti, Massimo Berardi, Stefano Di Carlo e Lory D), Angelino Albanese ( Singoli Vari Su Black Moon Label), Giancarlino, la Pina ("A testa Alta " Produzione Singolo contenuto nell album "Piovono Angeli", Michael Allen ("Deep Inside Funk Dog Version" e "Deep Inside Space Age Version" ), Julie P (con cui ha coprodotto tanta musica tra il 1990 e il 1995), Flaminio Maphia ("Combattimento Mortale I " "Combattimento Mortale II "), Dj Stile ("Turntablist Toolz Vol.1" Coprodotto con Dj Stile - "Style the d.j. is on the cut" Coprodotto insieme a Julie P), Duke Montana ("Power Mc's - Street Kowledge" Coprodotto con Julie P), South Force ("Can't Hold Us Back" basical mix Coprodotto co Julie P), Esa ("Colle der Fomento ft Esa - Spinto da una sensazione" Singolo coprodotto con Julie P), Blindosbarra ("Non Ci Stare Ice One B Funk Rmx"), Lester Bowie (Tour Inseme A Trombe Rosse di Massimo Nunzi), Massimo Nunzi ("Trombe Rosse - Schegge" Coproduzione e partecipazione ad alcuni brani), Alea ("Ghetto - Iceone Shamballa' Club Remix" e "Ghetto - Iceone vs Stiupid boi Remix"), Roggy Luciano ("I.E.N.A. Iceone Remix" - "La Banda Del Grugno" e "Amarcord" Produzione Musicale - "La folla, bastoncini Iceone Rmx"), Ustmamò ("Cosa Conta" Iceone & Dj Stile Rome Zoo Dj's Remix), Elisa ("Nottetmpo" Singolo dall' Album "La Comitiva - Medicina Buona"), Franco Califano ( "Malavita" Singolo dall' Album "La Comitiva - Medicina Buona"), Nocca ("La musique et la chance" album coprodotto con Fabio Serrao e Maura Cianfriglia - "Oui Je t'aime" singolo coprodotto con Fabio Serrao e Maura Cianfriglia), Cristopher Anton (Information Society) ("This is where I'am Iceone Rmx" - "This is where I'am Electro Disciples Rmx"), Sonja Meyers, Gillo ("Brucio La Ganja - Iceone Remix"), Reggae Fistols ("We Are Living - Iceone Rmx" - "We Are Living - Electro Disciples Jah Jah Boomin Rmx"), Tying Tiffany ("Miracle - Iceone ft Electro Disciples Remix"), Captain Mantell ("Uri Geller - Iceone Vs Dj Sensei The Beat Traveller Rmx"), Rampage (Eventi Nike), The Snipplers ("To Get Her Iceone Vs Dj Sensei The Beat Traveller Rmx"), Buckshot ("Buckshot/Jak Danielz & Johnny Walker/Sadat X - Bullseye Iceone Rmx"), Sadat X ("Buckshot/Jak Danielz & Johnny Walker/Sadat X - Bullseye Iceone Rmx") etc. etc. I suoi pezzi sono spesso stati scelti per essere inseriti in colonne sonore di Films tra cui : Torino Boys (Manetti Bros),Paz(Film di Renato De Maria dedicato ai personaggi di Andrea Pazienza), Le Amiche del Cuore (Michele Placido), Amatemi (Renato De Maria), Six Little Songs (Akira Ifukumi)…. Nel 1998 vengono scelti alcuni suoi brani per diventare parte della colonna sonora di un edizione speciale con cddi "XIII", fumetto cult ora trasposto anche nella versione cinematografica. Nel 2004 un suo pezzo “Musica Grande” , pubblicato con il suo alter ego Dj Sensei è stato scelto dalla Electronic Arts per essere incluso nella colonna sonora del famosissimo videogioco Fifa 2004 (Pc/Playstation/X-Box/Nintendo GameCube/Nintendo DS) insieme ad artisti del calibro di Asian Dub Foundation, Dandy Wharols, Radiohead, Stone Roses, Underworld, Timo Maas, Tosca etc. Ha suonato in grandi manifestazioni tra cui il festival Jazz di Montreaux, P.I.M. (Premio Italiano Musica), Premio Tenco, Match Music Festival at Arena di Verona, Eventi Nike, Eventi X-Box, Eventi ITF, Varie edizioni di “Amore” ( capodanno alla Fiera di Roma), Arezzo Wave etc etc. Iceone è conosciuto anche con altri alter ego: Dj Sensei, Electro Disciples, Cymatic ed infine Seby Stardust



>> Mr. 3P

La sua attività nasce all'interno dei free party degli anni '90, dove partecipa sia come dj che come organizzatore. Nel 2002 fonda insieme ad NRN l'etichetta Truckstop76th, che negli anni pubblica artisti come Max Durante, Franz & Shape, Iceone Snuff Crew, Valerio Maina e molti altri. Dj e producer, la musica di Mr.3P è caratterizzata da un particolare sound, che fonde acid techno ad atmosfere dark electro. Divide palchi nazionali e non, con grandi artisti della scena: Anthony Rother, Vitalic, Arnaud Rebotini, Addictive tv, Acid Junkies, nonchè con importanti nomi italiani come Lory D., Marco Passarani, Paolo Zerla Zerletti, Leo Anibaldi, Andrea Benedetti e naturalmente con Max Durante. Tante le sue collaborazioni anche come organizzatore di grandi apputamenti dell'underground romano: Electrode, Provocazioni Fest, Crack Festival solo per citarne alcuni. Da poco ha un nuovo progetto con Iceone, The Bloody Walkers, carico di stimoli e voglia di sperimentare.




Fabrizio, aka MasterInFreeMuzik, da sempre vicino alla musica, scopre le straordinarie capacità di alcuni software di riprodurre e creare beats & synth. Autodidatta, nel 2005 suona nella capitale il suo primo live-set HardTechno con il gruppo HSPL. Con questi partecipa attivamente e suona: all’In Da Wood ’07, alla Street Parade, alla Million Marijuana March, alla Notte Bianca dell’Università la Sapienza etc. Diverse serate poi al Gatto Selvaggio, al Sains Papiers e ad Area Ingovernabile. Nel 2009, dopo due anni di varie esperienze all’estero, tra cui alcuni squat party di Londra, torna a Roma per collaborare con Cromedrop Family.




Kal-el aka Dj Superman shakes since 20 years the consoles of the historical underground events in the italian capital with class, technique and good taste. He’s sound has an exuberant personality and is very engaging on the stage. Since 2009, he produce with the roman label Roman Pocket Panther. Between 2010 and 2011, we find him as a resident DJ in clubs in Berlin. In 2013 he landed at the Free Sprit Foundation with his new Psy-Break project Kal-el. He is currently resident dj at Shanti! and Kali Yuga and ready to blast the dance floor for the next years.



Straight from The-Zone Records, top label in Italy with great roster with artists such: The Advent, Audio Injection, Space Djz and many others, and the The-Zone radio show (over ten years of broadcasting and three different programs in Fm radio and streaming)
Lius , co-owner and co-author of The-Zone’s projects together with Mat, for over twenty years in the electronic scene with Italian club nights dJ sets in many historical Italian and foreign.
But also multimedia installations and avant-garde theater and not forgetting the many events related to electronic music and dance events that organized with many international guests.



Miss Loony Dj aka Jordi has a strong passion for music and she decided to share it being always active in organizing music events. She born and grew up as a DJ in the second half of the nineties in the Forte Prenestino, where she has been Resident DJ for over a decade. In 1999 she founded "Eva Kant dj project", an all-female project, that marks a milestone and represents a truly significant movement in the Roman underground techno scene. Over the years Eva Kant Dj Pj split into different projects and in 2006 Miss Loony Dj and KillingZoe Dj created MissAnthroPeak Pj. The new project inspired many interesting and incisive events where the scene is only managed by women involving many different audiences: Shake The Disease, TechnoMantika, Karmik Loop just to mention some of the most important events organized by MAP PJ. Miss Loony music is a mix of techno performed in a very direct and clean style. Over the years she shared the stage with the likes of Ellen Allien, Vitalic, Ivan Smagghe, Motor, Extrawelt, Anthony Rother, Xenia Beliayeva, Max Durante, Franz & Shape, Arnaud Rebotini, Addictive Tv ..... and more ..... and she brought her music in many European cities until arriving in Japan. Miss Loony is one of the creators and organizers of "ELECTRODE" Independent Electronic Music Festival, taking place in Rome at Forte Prenestino                                                                                                                                                 




Maskk starts the "Illegal rave scene" around mid '90 in Rome. The arrival of various tribes in Italy was what brought him closer to the Teknivals and Rave circuit. The step from been a raver to be a Dj didnt last long as he then soon started mixing records. In 1998 he is one of the founder of the sound "against" system called Kernel Panik, which it is what will bring him to travel all across Europe. Following this, his music takes him to the South American continent, precisly in Argentina and Brasil. Maskk infact, will depart in 2006 with KERNEL PANIK for the epic SOUTH SIDE MISSION which lasted until 2008 and took them around the latin continent organizing festivals and free parties. His firsts productions, even done on magnetic tapes, which are basically music-tapes are dated around the year 2000. Afterwards he will move onto CD-R to then arrive to produce many vinyls, all of them produced by the same Kernel Panik, apart for his last and the one before, CATCH THE MOUSE (2013) that were produced by hydrophonic records. Soon after, along with mixing records, he starts to play live-sets. In the last years he has been playing in many different places, from big rave parties like "BORDELL 23" to "TEQUINOX PARTY" always organized by Kernel Panik, to many Social centers around all the peninsula, to then arrive to play even in clubs/disco and festivals of many european cities. Not to forget his presence, always as a music maker, to few Street Parades, Million Marjuana march, World/Gay pride, Festivals and first of all the huge and famous Glastonbury Festival in UK.



Deejay Kilfa overlooking the electronic music scene in the mid-'90s, influenced by Detroit Techno and expecially by artists such as Robert Armani. He lives active golden years of underground rave movement, collaborating on multiple parties at national and European level. Countless artists with whom he shared the stage in his 12 years in bussiness, Alex Mind, AutoErotique, Belzebass, Crystal Distortion, Dilemn, Electrobugz, Fukkk Offf, GarenTersakyan, Invasian Krew Killah, Lenny Dee, Maelstrom, Pelussje, Maztek, Mik Izif, Mr.Tools, Noisebuilder, Peyo, Traxx Dillaz, Un:Code, Vegamoore and Vitalic to name a few. In 2007 he founded the independent label "No Sense Of Place", a true melting pot of artists in progress, whose releases are available digitally from the best stores in January 2011. Care of the artistic direction of Node Fest until April 2010 and from March 2011 she married the project MustHard, leading to Rome international artists such as Ikki, LeCastle Vania, The Rogue Element, Utku S. and Zedd.



RRD is a Tokyo-based Visual Art Design group started in 1996. RRD have been actively involved in numerous creative works from advertising, editorial, movie direction, web design, VJ, 3DCG to music and stage direction regardless of genres ever since. RRD is a collective of ever evolving creators. Their concept is to "Put what we feel for a moment into an interface and express something invisible as graphic". They express the accumulation of years of experiences by the means of live visual graphics. They have participated in events in and outside of Japan borderlessly from famous big festivals to underground parties with their cutting edge creations.


>>INICOLABUG(stirpe999/section27/acreRec.)it >>DANYANGELELLI(submoover/luminar/trivmvirate)- it / >>NHB(audio elite/amazing records/play records)-uk / >>MORZEV(stirpe999)- it / >>NOISEVIDEO(the zone rec)- it / >>PNEICH (artelligent/transmission)- it / >>KONIK POLNY(jopRec/suspect device rec)-de


A music producer, Nicola Alparone aka inicolabug mixes technology and electronic music to create a cyber textures of sounds, circuits and controls, microbeats, glitchy bugs crawling on one’s skin and transforming the brain into strong synapses of rhythm, joy and new experiences.



>> NHB

NHB can be considered one the of best recent revelation in the minimal and techno scene worldwide . Born in rome but then developed in London the duo always placed his sound in a mix of underground and a more soft and commercial taste, making it unmistakable and really hard to place inside common style. With a huge catalogue of releases, they are continuously arriving to the highest rankings of the Beatport’s charts, gaining the support of many top djs all around the globe. Their live skills made them to appear in many international clubs around the world, playing also in renowed festivals such as "KAZANTIP (UKRAINE)" or "PLEYADES" (MEXICO) .From three years they opened their label AUDIOELITE, already well known among the most important dance music's chart, and that is very fast becoming a new point of reference for club music around the world. First part of 2013 has already brought new light to the duo, with a lot of big releases and collaboration and many gigs around the world, and has definitely set NHB like one of the artist to watch for the close future….



Born into a family of musicians, recording studios and musical instruments, is approaching the world of DJing in 1989 at age 13, influenced by DMC videotapes. After several years of hard work to refine his technique of mixing, is able to perform as a resident in legendary clubs in the region of Lazio, all Sundays in the afternoon, (Clemalù -Canneto - Coliseum-La Zanzara-Boca-Doing). Arriving early '90s, and with the advent of musical influences from Detroit and England, Dany participates in what might be considered the first Rave in Italy "The Magic Eyes" on Canneto - Borgo Sabotino. It is immediately fascinated by this new sound called "Techno", very different from disco-house proposal at that time, very melodic with vocals. The change is immediate, Dany still very young flies to London, home of the Sound and Rave to buy techno vinyls to play at rave in Rome. Participate at his first rave in 1992 as a disc jockey at "Rave Chamomile". In 1993 he was resident at the "06 Disco Winter " with Lory D, representing the main importer and creator of techno and electronic scene Roman and Italian. This last, along with Leo Anibaldi and a handful of other artists, gave life and body, to the Sound of Rome. Musical and artistic movement born spontaneously as well as in Detroit and other cities were born cultural movements and subcultural.These were the artists who influenced totally Dany, outlining what is its true matrix. In 10 years Dany playing in over 200 festivals, rave parties and disco clubs. Play with major artists of the capital, remember Mauro Tannino (R.I.P.), Leo Anibaldi, Luca Cucchetti, Walter One (R.I.P.), Francesco Zappalà, Robert Armani, The Mover, Laurent Ho, and much more. In the second wave of techno in Roman Movement Virus. In 1999, Dany has decided to leave the public stage as no longer in line with the new sound offered by other artists. The art of DJ'ing continues without leaving the vinyl, and participates in minor parties and illegal raves, some in Austria and in Switzerland where he moved for a long time. Produced over the years numerous tracks in alternative circuits, but without any commercial purposes. Only in 2010 began collaborating with various labels in the mainstream. In DJ sets, that Dany sees as a form of spiritual message, consisting of substrates that evolve in continuous change and progression. A trip to 360 degrees which is found in products, which are designed in different styles and genres explored and known in more than 20 years of experience.



NOISEVIDEO is the personal project of Michael Fucci that embraces the techno music and the visual arts creating simple but accurate dj set up to complex multimedia performance. The collaboration with the program THE-ZONE Radio together with Dj MAT & Lius allows the disclosure of a Techno always new and powerful sound for each type of dancefloor ... let's go



MORZEV (stirpe999 )"Pure Urban Alienation" that's the concept behind morzov's music, cavernous noises and claustrophobic rhythmics, aiming to carry you down in the abysses of our modern industrial world, keeping a subtle techno rooted groove along the way. - "an immeasurably deep chasm, you will forget about the surface" -




Konik polny means grasshopper in Polish, and it’s a very appropriate name for the nature of kp’s music. If you ask him what it means, he looks at you and smiles, and starts telling you about Dutch teknival back in the year 2000, of repeated police controls.. of trucks and vans... of people and friends, travelling the Dutch highways looking for a place to make a party and meeting on their road.....
He moved to the German capital in 2000 where the underground electronic scene was flourishing and Berlin became his house and city. Since then he’s been playing in numerous clubs pulsating with life: The Köpi(historical squat), the Love parade, Suppamolli, Maria am Ostbahnhof &nbsp;and the Fishladen, to mention a few. These are all places of cult status in the techno music scene.
It is here that its sonorities purchase consistence, shot through the speakers like bullets piercing through the dancing bodies, an artistic expression of music in continuous evolution. It is music which is visceral, vibrating, a fusion of underground techno: dark and repetitive with soft sonorities neighbouring culture drum and bass, and break-beat.
Konik Polny’s ideal place for expression are electronic music festival, in the last four years he has participated as spectator and musician in almost all the festivals in Europe. His particular favourite is the CEKTEK in the Czech republic where one is transported into a fantastic fascinating atmosphere. The live sets seem to transmit states of animo, transforming from acid music lines, to dark and even playful sonority. In the last years he has been playing at the Cinema of Barcelona, the Wagon Club, Wroclaw in Poland, the nation that has entertained him on so many occasions. 2005 was an important year for Konik, together with his Polish friend Dj Pala, he founded “Joint Operation Records”, short JopRec, a label born with the idea to create an international network for artists from the world of commercial music.