-FIRE AT WORK (Stirpe999 / Idroscalo )
>FRIDAY 01/08/2014 > MAIN STAGE > 02:00-03:00

Experimental/electronic music combo, founded in Rome on 1999 by Fabrizio Rossi and Fabio Recchia.

The first step was a 12" released on 2001 on IDROSCALO DIGITALE (an audio/video production powered by Anna Bolena,wich includes also tracks by:VENETIAN SNARES, M.PASSARANI, D'ARCANGELO and others) Releases soon followed on other labels (Cavage, Scene Missing, Synapsivinile, Chairwarmer, Bias Japan) in collaboration with other important musicians such as SOMATIC RESPONSES, MRC.RIDDIMS( ex DALEK ).

On 2003 FIRE AT WORK started his label: STIRPE999. Since 2000 FIRE AT WORK manage an audio/video production studio in Rome, inside BRANCALEONE CLUB, wich is an important meeting point for the enternational underground scene in Rome
FIRE AT WORK toured in France(2003/2008); UK (2002/2004/2009); Germany (2007/2008/2009/2012); Belgium (2005/2008/2013); Austria (2006), Ceck Rep.(2006); Japan (2007/2008); Colombia (2008/2009); Mexico(2009) USA (2011). In Rome we performed important festival such as :Electrode,Provocazioni,Exp.on Fest. Since 2001 powering an electronic/acoustic trio called "EXTREME CHILLOUT" and toured with this project in Germany (Italian Culture Fest of Hannover 2009) and in Israel (International Electronic/Jazz Festival of Tel Aviv 2005).